6 signs to show she is in love with you

lesbian love

When you began to have a relationship with your girl friend. You may wonder whether this is real lesbian love. You can find answer from her behaviors and words. Some signs are listed to judge:

1. She shares with you every little intersting things.

She wants to share with you every little interesting things in her life. She pays attention to funny things and calls you, texts you or tweets with you. She does all the things to make you feel close and friendly.

2. She wants to know about your life.

On the other hand, you know about her life. She also want to know about your life. What you said and you did will make her feel the same with you. You tell her about your hope and dream and she asks some questions about what you want to get from your life. She wants to know your interest and dislike. She wants to know your past as well as the future. She won’t be bored with your trouble or worry and will encourage you to the thing you like.

3. She buys you considerate gifts.

She knows what you want and what you dislike. The gifts she present may not be very expensive. She may present you a favorite video, makes you cookies, etc. All these will show that she is thinking about you all the time and she remembered what you said.

4. You can see love in her body language.

Take eyes contact for example, when she looks at you, you can see the love in her eye. She smiles or lights up when you sit beside you. When you are talking with her, she is looking at you, not her phone or anything else. When you are waliking in the room, her eyes follow you.

5.  She’s proud to be with you..

She is proud to be with you and wants her friends and relatives who is important in her life to meet you. She also wants to meet your friends and relatives. This is a sign that this people want to enjoy life with you.

6. She makes you feel special and happy.

She enjoys your joke. She compliments the way you look, “beautiful dress”,”sweet smile”!

She has faith in you and make you feel you are the whole world for her. When you are gone for several days, she misses you and feel down. She counts the day when you are home.

Of course, the most instant way to show the love is to say “I love you!” loudly with a kiss and hug. Different people have different characteristics. They have different ways to show their love. If you love her, show your faith and love first.